Tale of Two Kingdoms

Tale of Two Kingdoms

Night of Blood Letting

It is cold and quiet tonight the only thing I hear is the popping of the embers from the campfire. My companions sit around me just as lively as ever, I often wonder where I would be without them. Bah, this is not the night for my mind to be wondering. Tonight is the night we revolt against Daeghun and his iron rule. I spent too many seasons underneath his rule and this revolt has been in motion for what seems like forever. Ah, here comes knives now, her short red hair as fiery as ever. I would almost try to take her as my bride if she wouldn’t gut me for just asking.

“Barrow, you ready to begin?”

“In a moment Knives, you remember our bet right?”

“Yeah, I’ll tell you my real name if we succeed tonight.”

“That’s good to hear, that’s one more thing to push for. So, what are we looking at?”

“Daeghun’s encampment is a few hours north of here. It seems our guerilla attacks have finally drawn out the larger force.”

“Well, I am glad it’s now instead of the dead of winter. The cold is beginning to make these bones of mine weary.”

“Barrow, no time for small talk, we will have plenty of time for that afterwards.”

“Always to the point Knives, you make your alias proud. Send your forces to pick off any patrols after you’re finished use the signaling ring to give me the go ahead. Oh, and Knives, be careful.”

“Your old age is catching up to you Barrow but thank you. I would say the same for you but I know that won’t be the case as soon the scent of blood hits the air.”

“(With a smile Barrow Raises his head) you know me to well Knives.”

Hopefully, this is the last time she turns her back to me and walks towards death. She has been loyal to me ever since I beat her in a game of darts. They say there is no loyalty amongst thieves well I guess it depends on the type of loyalty you’re looking for is what I say. She has proven to have all the loyalty in the world as long as a knife is involved. Still, my mind is not at ease tonight what is causing me to think…

“Boss, you’re really going through with this plan tonight?”
I can always count on Sargas to interrupt my thought process. The human is almost bigger than I am and one of the best swordsmen I have ever beaten.

“I know what you’re thinking Sargas. My mind is uneasy too.”

“Then why are we doing this? Surely we can run a few more diversion tactics to get our minds clear.”

“Tonight has to be the night; we have been planning this for almost four seasons. We cannot delay any more.”

“Barrow, listen to me, your sense of duty is admiral but I cannot agree with this decision.”

“Sargas the Silver Wolf is what they used to call you. Where is that ferocity now? Shall we test our might one more time before Knives gives the signal.”

“(Drawing his weapon) I believe we will, Barrow, you bested me once but you are older now. I can see the cold sapping your strength, maybe it is time for you to move along.”

“I believe I shall taste blood before It is split from my enemies.”



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